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Clearwater CandidPro Clear Aligners

CandidPro Clear Aligners in clearwater Fl.

CandidPro offers a discreet method for straightening teeth without compromising your appearance. Free from brackets and wires, it seamlessly integrates into your daily life.

With a longstanding dedication to providing exceptional clear aligners in Clearwater, FL, we’re excited to accompany you on the path to rediscovering your radiant smile.

Rediscover your smile with CandidPro at Northwood Dental, your trusted source for clear aligners in Clearwater. Schedule your consultation today to begin your journey to a straighter, more confident smile. Proudly serving Countryside and surrounding areas! New patients are welcome—contact us via call, walk-in, or online form to explore CandidPro options near you.

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CandidPro Services In Clearwater, FL.

Clear Aligners Overview

CandidPro offers a discreet and effective method for straightening teeth without compromising your appearance. Additionally, free from brackets and wires, CandidPro clear aligners integrate seamlessly into your daily life, allowing you to achieve a beautiful smile with ease. At Northwood Dental in Clearwater, FL, we provide exceptional clear aligner treatments with CandidPro. Moreover, our experienced team is excited to help you rediscover your radiant smile. Schedule your consultation today to start your journey to a straighter, more confident smile with CandidPro at Northwood Dental. We proudly serve patients in Clearwater, Countryside, and surrounding areas. Furthermore, new patients are always welcome—contact us via call, walk-in, or online form to explore CandidPro options near you.

Request A Complimentary CandidPro Consultation!

Excited for your complimentary CandidPro consultation?You'll receive a comprehensive overview of the CandidPro treatment process and have your teeth evaluated for suitability.At Northwood Dental, we stay ahead with technology. Throughout your visit, our team prioritizes your comfort and convenience.During the consultation, you'll undergo a convenient 3D scan, eliminating the need for messy impressions. This scan helps our Doctors tailor your treatment plan precisely.Additionally, our outcome simulator lets you visualize your potential results. Discover how Northwood Dental can enhance your CandidPro journey. We proudly serve Countryside and surrounding areas.
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A Brief History Of CandidPro Clear Aligners

CandidPro was invented to revolutionize the field of orthodontics by providing a convenient and effective way for dental professionals to offer clear aligner treatment to their patients. Here’s a brief overview of how CandidPro came to be:

Identifying the Need: The founders of CandidPro recognized the growing demand for clear aligners as an alternative to traditional braces. They saw an opportunity to improve the way clear aligners were offered by dental professionals.

Developing the Technology: The team developed advanced technology to create customized clear aligners that could be used to correct various orthodontic issues. This technology includes digital scanning, 3D printing, and software that allows for precise treatment planning and monitoring.

Collaboration with Dental Professionals: CandidPro was designed to be a professional-grade solution, meaning it was developed in collaboration with dentists and orthodontists. This ensured that the product met the high standards required for clinical use and that it integrated seamlessly into dental practices.

Launching the Product: After thorough testing and refinement, CandidPro was launched to provide dental professionals with the tools they need to offer clear aligner treatment. The service includes not only the aligners themselves but also ongoing support and resources for dental professionals.

Continuous Improvement: CandidPro continues to evolve based on feedback from dental professionals and advancements in technology. The goal is to keep improving the efficiency and effectiveness of the treatment, making it easier for patients to achieve their desired results.

By addressing the needs of both dental professionals and patients, CandidPro has become a significant player in the orthodontics field, offering a streamlined and effective solution for clear aligner treatment.

The CandidPro Process

1. Initial Consultation

Schedule an Appointment: Schedule a consultation with Northwood Dental for CandidPro.
Assessment: During the consultation, the dentist or orthodontist will assess your teeth and oral health to determine if you are a good candidate for clear aligners.

2. Scanning & Impressions

Digital Scan: If you are a suitable candidate, Our Doctors will take digital scans of your teeth using advanced imaging technology.

Impressions: In some cases, traditional dental impressions might be taken to create a precise model of your teeth.

3. Treatment Plan

Custom Plan: Using the digital scans or impressions, Our Dentists will create a custom treatment plan. This will outline the movement of your teeth and the duration of the treatment.

Review: The plan is reviewed with you to ensure clarity, understanding , and expectations.

4. Aligner Fabrication

Manufacturing: The digital scans or impressions are sent to CandidPro’s lab, where your custom aligners are fabricated using 3D printing technology.

Delivery: Once ready, the aligners are shipped to your dental professional’s office.

5. Fitting and Instructions

Initial Fitting: During your next visit, our doctors will fit your first aligners and provide instructions on wearing and care.

Wear Schedule: Typically, aligners are worn 20-22 hours daily and changed every few weeks.

6. Regular Check-Ins

Follow-Up: Regular check-ins with Northwood Dental to monitor your progress and make any necessary adjustments.

Virtual Monitoring: Some providers may offer virtual check-ins to reduce the need for in-office visits.

CandidPro Clear Aligner

After completing your treatment:

  • You will be thrilled with your beautifully aligned teeth!

  • You will receive retainers to keep your new smile perfect!

  •  Regular dental check-ups 

  • Consistent retainer wear will ensure your teeth stay in their ideal position.
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